Domaine de la Lande

AOP Bourgueil

Domaine de La Lande is a celebration of family tradition and a deep respect for the terroir of the Loire River Valley. For over five generations, the Delaunay family has poured their passion into crafting exceptional Cabernet franc, grown organically across three different soils and altitudes. From the river plain’s gravel-hill, found in the “Les Graviers” cuvée, to the heavy clay in the first plateau of the valley in the “Domaine” cuvée, and the south-facing hillside of the valley in cuvée “Prestige”, each wine is a testament to their land’s unique characteristics.

At the helm of winemaking is François Delaunay, who honors his family’s legacy with organic farming and traditional winemaking techniques. He takes special care in promoting the 90-year-old vines planted by his great-grandfather for his grandfather’s wedding, which form the backbone of their exquisite “Prestige” cuvée.

Certified Organic
High Environmental Value
9 hectares of vineyards
Cabernet Franc


AOP Bourgueil

St Nicolas de Bourgueil
AOP St Nicolas de Bourgueil

“Les Graviers”
AOP Bourgueil

AOP Bourgueil

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