Unique and exciting wines from independent producers.

Your partner in wine.

Brojac Wine Alliance proudly serves as the export management team for a group of dynamic, independent French winemakers. Each of our partners brings a fresh perspective to traditional winemaking, practicing sustainable viticulture while crafting modern, inspiring wines. We streamline the export process for our partners, fostering direct sales with transparency and efficiency. Our mission is to unite these visionary winemakers with discerning wine traders worldwide, offering expert guidance and unparalleled access to the finest boutique wines from France’s diverse terroirs.

Why Brojac?

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Unique Producers

Discover our exclusive selection of high-quality, innovative French winemakers, crafting sustainable wines from estate-grown grapes at every price point.

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Highly Qualified Team

A dynamic French-American duo that combines wine education and extensive experience in both commercialisation and production.

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Direct Sales

Wines are shipped directly from the producers, eliminating unnecessary steps in the supply-chain while keeping prices competitive.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re curious about our wine selection, would like to request a sample,
or to set up a meeting, we’d love to hear from you.