Château Bouffevent

AOP Bergerac

For more than a century, the Pauty family has been devoted to the cultivation of Château Bouffevent. With three generations currently managing the estate together, they have an unquestionable passion for winemaking. Their vineyards are not only source of wine production, but an entire living ecosystem, where apples and poplar trees grow alongside the grapes.

Located in the Dordogne River Valley foothills, the chillier climate of the inland French South-West yields grapes of unparalleled quality. The Pauty family’s expertise and dedication are evident in each bottle of their exceptional wines. From vine to bottle, every step is taken with care and respect for the land and ecosystem. Château Bouffevent’s wines reflect the harmony of nature and human touch.

High Environmental Value
32 hectares of vineyards
Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec


Cuvée Tradition
AOP Bergerac

Cuvée Mathilde
AOP Bergerac

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